Dear Researcher in Life Sciences,
Have you ever created a customized solution for your research? A software? A gadget? A life-changing protocol?
Have you ever thought that your creation might be useful for someone else?
Come share it at the first “Cool Tools for Science” meeting, a great chance for you to show and share a new dimension of your work: User Innovation.
Come and tell us about your inventions and how they improved your research performance, exhibit them to your colleagues and see what they have come up with too.
And, if you are still not convinced, try to win the “Coolest Tool Prize”!
Submit your innovation for showcase here until April 15th and join us at the Champalimaud Foundation on May 29th.
“Cool Tools For Science” is an event for Life Sciences and Health researchers. Users of research infrastructures are invited to present customized tools developed by themselves to solve problems for which there is no general solution available. As these new tools can be useful to colleagues across diverse areas, the event will focus on demonstrations and interactions between participants.
Collaborators from research infrastructures or other research support services within the national scientific and industry fabric are also invited to share their novel, non-commercial solutions that make researchers’ lives easier and improve the quality of research achievements. At least one prize for the best tool presented will be awarded.
Promoted by, Congento and RNEM in collaboration with other Portuguese Research Infrastructures and Institutions, the goal of this meeting is to set the stage for innovators from different disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences, paving the way for new collaborations and synergies.
We hope to gather the new generation of science innovators on May 29th in the Champalimaud Foundation, next to the Tagus river, the starting point for many other Discoveries.
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