From medium production to generation of transgenic strains, CONGENTO Fly Services – provided by expert technicians – can be a useful resource for any Drosophilist:

  • Diversified medium production
  • Stock maintenance and Quarantine
  • Hosting research projects, including fly pushing and technical assistance
  • Dedicated BSL2 Lab
  • Production of recombinant flies
  • Large scale Virgin generation
  • Dissection, immunostaining and acquisition of high-resolution images
  • Embryo microinjection
  • Transgenic production (more details here!)
  • Consulting and training
  • DGRC Gold Collection Clones: researchers in Portugal can get quicker access to these clones through CONGENTO. If you are interested, please place your order directly with DGRC.

For any inquiries regarding CONGENTO Fly services, please fill the form below or e-mail

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