CONGENTO’s state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained technicians offer you a broad range of services on rodent models:

  • Colony management and line maintenance of mouse and rat strains
  • Hosting research projects, including animal husbandry and technical assistance. Specific experimental conditions available include:
    • Dedicated cell culture room for rodent-derived primary cells:
      organs, tissues and biofluids collection
    • Microsurgery setup
    • Hypoxia/hyperoxia experimental environment
    • Temperature & Light controlled chambers
    • Infection studies (BSL2 and BSL3)
  • Mouse Assisted Reproduction:
    • Embryo and sperm revitalization
    • Re-derivation
    • Strain rescue
  • Cryopreservation of mouse germplasm (embryos and sperm)
  • Mouse Germ-Free and Gnotobiology
  • Mouse Metabolism
  • Transgenic mouse service
  • Training

If you ever wondered how a rodent animal house is, take a virtual tour here!

For any inquiries regarding CONGENTO Rodents services, please fill the form below or e-mail

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