About Congento

The advent of model organisms where genetic manipulations became standard procedures revolutionised biomedical research. Studies using genetic manipulations in Drosophila, mice and zebrafish have led to fundamental research findings in development, immunology, neuroscience, cancer, etc, that have been recognised with distinctions such as the Nobel Prize and the Lasker Award. They also have led to clinical trials and applications as vast as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and drugs for psychiatric and cardiovascular disorders.

We believe that supporting research in genetically modified organisms and developing new technologies for its manipulation is fundamental for biomedical research in Portugal, Europe and the World.

Three main domains of services in the area were identified as being critically needed in Portugal:

  1. Maintenance and hosting of genetically modified lines from the 3 species, either live or cryopreserved;
  2. Generation of new genetic lines and technologies in the different species;
  3. Continuous education and certification in animal research and technology.

CONGENTO will be the first infrastructure in the world to synergise technology development across Drosophila, zebrafish and mouse, and provide state-of-the art services in all 3 organisms, integrating expertise in one research supporting facility.

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