Hands-On Zebrafish Xenografts 2023

2nd edition! 3rd edition!

A course by the Fior Lab

8-12 May, 2023

The zebrafish, Danio rerio, has emerged as a powerful model system for the study of vertebrate development but also disease, in particular cancer.

This intensive hands-on short course will focus on the technicalities of generating zebrafish xenografts using human cancer cell lines.
It will cover:

  • Protocols for preparation of human cancer cells for injection
  • Generation of zebrafish xenografts (microinjection in the perivitelline space)
  • Metastatic assay
  • Protocols for immunofluorescence
  • Mounting xenografts for confocal imaging
  • Confocal session


Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Lisbon


Deadline: March 15;

Confirmation: March 20


Academia: 1500€;

Industry: 4000€

Course materials; lunch and coffee-breaks; and closing dinner included.

Due to its strong practical component, this course has a limit of 8 participants. Applicants are requested to send a CV and motivation letter, for selection procedures.


Scientific Coordination – Rita Fior


Rita Fior
Marta Estrada
Raquel Mendes
Vanda Póvoa
Cátia Almeida
Márcia Fontes

Organizing Committee

Rita Fior
Catarina Certal
João Cruz

Additional information



If you would like to sponsor this workshop, please contact us at xenografts@congento.org

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