• Wild-type, transgenic and mutant bleached embryos
  • Transgenic/mutant generation
    • Embryo microinjection 
    • Screening of injected fish and establishment of stable founder lines (by fluorescence or genotyping)
  • Embryo microinjection of morpholinos
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Tank leasing and line maintenance to transiently host fish lines
  • Live feed production (rotifers and decapsulated artemia cysts)
  • Consulting and training on facility design, management and husbandry

Opening soon:

  • Sperm cryopreservation

Drug Screening

Zebrafish larvae is used as a model system for toxicology studies and as a screening tool to test drugs for biomedical research, analyzing impacts in organs, gene expression or metabolites. Previous work includes:

  • toxicology studies of organic pollutants, anti-inflammatory compounds and nanomaterials.
  • assess metabolic changes and functional and structural damage by drugs.
  • support in drug repurposing screens for Parkinson´s disease and spinal cord regeneration.

Contact: zebrafish@congento.org

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