Animal Use

Laboratory Animal Science

Directed to researchers that will need to use animal models in their research – zebrafish and/or rodents – having to be licensed by DGAV (Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária). This course covers competences for Functions A + D (former FELASA Category B), as defined in Directive 2010/63/EU. The course has a theoretical (e-learning course provided by CONGENTO) and a practical component, and the acquired competences are evaluated.

Portuguese Legislation on Animal use in research

This session is particularly relevant for people who have completed Laboratory Animal Science courses in other EU countries, and only require training in Portuguese Legislation to obtain their License to work with animals (required by DGAV since late 2017). However, all those interested in the topic are free to attend. Remote access might be available.

Rodent Anesthesia and Surgery

This course focus on mouse and rat, with both theoretical and practical components. Course contents follow the European Commission Guidance for Education & Training under Directive 2010/62/EU, Task Specific Modules 20 (Principles of surgery), 21 (Advanced anesthesia for surgical or prolonged procedures), 22 (Anesthesia for minor procedures). These modules are complementary to the basic training for animal use in research, and are recommended for people performing surgery. This course is, therefore, be restricted to people already trained/accredited to carry out procedures in animals (Function A) or to design procedures and projects (Function B).


This workshop is designed to help researchers conducting animal studies to develop competences in the necropsy procedure and knowledge on animal anatomy and histhology, in order to obtain the most information possible from their experiments.

Besides the courses and workshops listed above (organized on a regular basis), CONGENTO offers training in other subjects as needed, like Severity Assessment, Experimental Design or Mouse Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

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