CONGENTO working-groups will prepare monthly talks to address different topics regarding genetically tractable organisms, showcasing innovative services provided by the infrastructure or inviting external speakers. These talks will be free and open to anyone who registers. To be informed about the next talk, check our upcoming training activities.

A Dietary Cholesterol-Based Intestinal Inflammation Assay for Improving Drug-Discovery on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Nuno Silva, NMS

Life in a Bubble: The Axenic/Gnotobiology Service at IGC, Joana Bom, Axenic/Gnotobiology and Mouse Facility Manager at IGC
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RNAscope®: What? When? How?, Joana Carvalho, Histotechnologist at Champalimaud Research

The win-win-win-win scenario of a Culture of Care for animal research, Nuno Henrique Franco, Research Scientist at i3S

The mouse reality show: metabolism analysis equipment at IGC, Cláudia Campos, Metabolic Cages manager at IGC
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CRISPR@CEDOC: Affordable genome editing of conventional cell lines, iPSCs, and primary cells, Vasco Barreto, PI DNA Breaks Lab, CEDOC|NMS

Application of stereology in quantitative pathology – Stereological assessment of the murine intestinal tract, Pedro Faísca, head of IGC Histopathology Facility
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