CONGENTO Annual Meeting Last Preps

Getting ready for this Monday! Full house and quite a program!

Charles River and JAX Seminars

On September 26th, for the second time in 2019, IGC hosted a session of JAX Seminars, this time given by Urte Jaeh, from Charles River. More than 60 people from several institutes participated in these seminars, that covered topics such as mouse nomenclature, genetic drift and maximization of experimental reproducibility in mouse research, and key differences between B6 substrains and its impact on research. Stay tuned for the next Seminars!

Landing in the Drosophila World

The first Landing in the Drosophila World course took place between September 20-23 at the Champalimaud Foundation. It was a CONGENTO initiative joining efforts of three institutions: CEDOC, FC, and IGC and with the participation of the 19 invited speakers from these research centers. These were intense days, but well enjoyed by everyone, both organizers and students.

We received 16 inspiring young researchers – from CONGENTO institutes but also from Universidade do Algarve, Universidade de Aveiro and I3S – that were very enthusiastic about this animal model that has fascinated us for over 100 years. We hope we have helped make the initial scientific flights of this new generation of drosophilists more confident and steadier. Next year’s edition will be even better!

This event was kindly sponsored by:

Portuguese Drosophila Meeting 2019

CONGENTO was present in the Portuguese Drosophila Meeting 2019, that took place in Batalha, 13th and 14th September. This year we sponsored the event, giving a prize in Fly Services to the best talk – Mariana Osswald, from the Epithelial Polarity & Cell Division Lab at I3S . Congratulations, Mariana!

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