Upgrade to Function B

If you already have a personal license for Function A (Carrying Out Procedures in Animals) and you need to request a license for Function B (Designing Procedures and Projects), this course is for you.

The Course will take place in a mixed Remote/Face-to-face mode, between 31/Jan/22 and 7/Feb/22, and will consist of:
Theoretical lectures by CONGENTO Faculty
Workshop on Experimental Design, by Dr. Manuel Berdoy (University of Oxford, UK)
Workshop on Project Design, by CONGENTO Faculty

This course will be preceded (on the week before) by 2 optional Satellite Workshops (free of charge):
Workshop on Introduction to Statistics, on 27/Jan/22, for those who do not have previous knowledge in statistics or wish to review these

FELASA Workshop on Severity Classification of Procedures, on 28/Jan/22 (Face to face)

It is possible to register for the Satellite Workshops without attending the “Upgrade Course”

Seats are limited and the course/workshops depend on a minimum number of applications. We will inform you about your admission status as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION HERE until 20 January 2022.

Necropsy Workshop; 16-17 February 2022

Workshop on rodent necropsy procedure with complementary sessions on special procedures: whole-body perfusion, lung inflation, open swiss-role technique for small intestine, brain isolation, bone-marrow isolation.
@IGC. Registrations and more information here!


Regular Training Activities might be canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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