Course on Rodent Anesthesia and Surgery and Workshop on Cranial Surgery

May 6th-8th (course) and 9th-10th (workshop), @Champalimaud. More information and registrations here until April 27th. Preliminary schedules here.

Mouse Assisted Reproduction Techniques

May 6th-17th, @IGC. Maximum 6 attendees,  Registrations here until April 21st.

COURSE FEE (includes all course materials, and lunches on course days)
– Academic Fee: 975 euros
– Non-academic Fee: 4850 euros

More information on the course program here.

JAX Seminars

  • Guidelines for Sizing Experimental Mouse Colonies
  • Efficient Mouse Colony Management
  • Advanced Cre-lox: Generating Reporters, Inducible Mice and Disease

May 20th, at IGC. Registration (free but mandatory) here until May 2nd, limited places. Powered by:


Next LAS Courses 2019

May @iMM

October @IGC

October/November @iMM

November @Champalimaud

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